Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paris, Paris, Where to Begin?

Hello again.

So to start off, my bags were both under 50 lbs! I say victory!! So a lot and I mean a lot has happened since my last post. I am in Paris sitting in the lobby of the hostel where we are staying and I have met some awesome people so far from all over.

My last hours in New York were a lot of fun. We hit Chelsea Market where we ate crepes and visited Eleni's Bakery, one of my mom's favorites. After that, we relaxed in the hotel lobby and had lunch before getting in the cab for the airport. Once at the airport, I said goodbye to my mom and started to meet people from the program. After checking in and meeting the teacher going with us, we went through security and chilled at the gate, nothing too exciting but it was a chance to get to know people.

The plane ride was, well, a plane ride. Long time of sitting but the food was actually ok and the movies were good so I only got 3 hours sleep. Our plane was HUGE! It was a full tw0-story plane with like 100 rows or more total, insane right?!?! Once we arrived in Paris, it took a while for our luggage to show up but I was so excited to see my baby blue luggage straps with fleurs de lis come down the conveyor belt because that meant I would not need to go naked!! (another reason to love fleurs de lis!!) We were exhausted and jetlagged all day but had a good time going on a boat tour of Paris except we were all pretty tired and took naps for some of the ride... For lunch we explored the area around the hostel and found donner kababs which I forgot how much I loved. But that evening was a go-to-sleep early evening and it felt great!

Today was a bit longer with visits to the Luxembourg Gardens, pantheon, a small church nearby, a middle-eastern restaurant next to the Grand Mosquee and the Immigration Museum. A lot of walking around and reading French but it was worth it in the end!

Tonight a group of like 9 or 10 of us went out after dinner to a bar thing not far from the hostel which was a lot of fun. There we met this French lady named Daniela who kept speaking to us, half in English and half in French while simultaneously force feeding us cheese she ordered from the restaurant attached. She was hilarious and kept calling the one guy in our group Aaron "Sugar." Lets see what tomorrow brings!

Well I am very tired and need sleep. Plus my computer is about to die and none of the plugs around me seem to work. :( I will write more sometime soon!!!


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