Monday, March 21, 2011

Make-Up Entry #3: Family/Disney

Ok so this past week my family was here visiting me, minus Matthew since he had minor leg surgery. It was really nice to see them and show them around my new temporary hometown of Strasbourg. It was a Sunday which meant everything was closed but I took them all over the city and even to meet my host mommy. On Monday I took them to my school and showed them all over it before they had to catch their train to Paris and my two midterms. My friend Eliza and I went up Friday night to Paris to meet them at Disneyland Paris (Bobby’s choice of course!) only to find that Bobby and my dad had returned home early due to some interesting events back home. It turned out to be ok though since we had a girls weekend of Eliza, my mommy and I at Disney. We had a great time, even going as far as to sport the Minnie and Mickey ears. Oddly enough though, all of the rides kept having technical difficulties making it hard to be able to ride anything! Oh well, still had fun. How can one not have fun with Mickey-shaped pizza and a Mickey-shaped brioche filled with nutella? Exactly. We even rented Ratatouille the movie that night since we were at Disney in France. ☺ Even though the weekend did not go as planned, it still turned out to be a lot of silly fun!!

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